This blog is a complete copy. Well, the idea is anyway. I have been reading blogs for ages. Everything from soap to cooking and crafting to hemorrhoids. Well, that last one is sort of a personal situation. Moving on. I love reading blogs so I figured, what the heck, I'm sure I could make a blog too!

Also, my older sister has one and I have to do everything that she does... Thus, CopyKates has been born. Hatched?

What I aim to do with this blog is to scour the internet for crafty ideas. These ideas can be recipes, crafts, home decor ideas, or whatever else I stumble across. Then I will shamelessly reverently reproduce the creation for myself! And I will share these projects with you. That way, you have two choices: Look at whatever I have created as a copy, or go to the source and get ideas from the actual smart people of the internet. Yes, they do exist in small pods.

I may occasionally have an original idea, and I sincerely apologize for that. I will be sure to forewarn you when that is the case.


Stacy said...

Why do you always have to copy me? I'm telling mom! Also, come leave a comment on my blog, I'm trying to fix the comments.
I'll stop by soon, so this better be funny!

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